Tribute to Fall

Gone are the warm autumn days where you sit outside all day.  It is supposed to snow tonight, and it has been raining all weekend.  Hopefully there still a few warm days left this year but I'm not counting on it.

This photo collage is my tribute to those warm autumn days.  I took all of these right from my front porch. :)


Delia said…
Gorgeous Lorajean! The very top picture is my favorite one. :)
jdavissquared said…
so pretty! we still have some warmth left, but I'm not counting on it for long.
D-lyn said…
Oh I am so-oooo envious! I adore fall leaves! None out here on the prarie
Eadaoin said…
such beautiful colours, a wonderful tribute :) i just came over from mer mag to see your origami boxes and it's amazing, i will most definitely be giving that a try for some christmas presents this year! thanks so much for sharing it. i'm kind of enamoured with your blog, i love all your tutorials and the colours here, i'm adding you to my google reader so i can call back again and agian!

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