Fashion friday: Ruche

For five years now Trent and I have been longing for a larger piece of land to spread our wings and have enough room for animals. Room enough to easily fit a good size art studio. (Or two.) ;) Living off the grid is a dream of ours. These images from the Ruche fall 2010 look book illustrate well the lifestyle we want, clothes included! :) All you need is a hansom guy painting in the back, a few kids helping garden or playing in the mud, chickens running around, and a few baby goats and it would be even more perfect!


Yay! I love you!

...oh, and don't forget our indoor pool and gardens!
So, somebody come and buy our house, already!!! Any takers? :) It's a totally cute house (just WITHOUT the 20 or so acres like we want).

(...for those who may actually be interested, keep your eyes open for upcoming posts showing our awesome little cottage in the city).
Megan said…
Amen & amen we want that too.and I hope someone buys your house so you can get there soon.
Hi there,
I love the banner you made a (long) while back, and I wanted to let you know I featured it in a post scheduled for tomorrow. All the best!
snickerdoodle said…
Love Ruche and I fell in love with farm life watching A Shine of Rainbows...the story and her clothes are absolutely lovely and also Nanny McPhee 2 as I also loved her look and charm but not the movie as so much. lol
Just happenned on your blog and love it. We have similar taste. I'll add you to my blogroll.

Miriah said…
That sounds exactly like what we dream of too! Especially the chickens, goats, gardens, and babies, and art--okay, we have the same dream ; ) We are even thinking of having chickens in our backyard this spring!
I am right with you. I have a few acres right now and LONG to have more land. I would downsize my house any day for land. NOW going off grid isn't my thing. I so wish it was but living more from the land is my dream.
Holly said…
That is a dream of my family as well! Although, I didn't even think about how our wardrobe needed to match our awesome farm--but of course it does! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and good luck selling your house.

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