Tutorial: How to make colorful yarn rope

 I have had a little hair braider for a while now, but only recently did I use it in crafting.  It is now one of my favorite craft tools! I have seen these come with four, three and two prongs. They are so easy to use. I found mine at the thrift store. I thought it would be fun to make a little tutorial for you.
  • Hair braiding tool
  • yarn
  • 1 safety pin
1. Start by cutting the same length of yarn in each color.2. Tie all yarns into a knot at one end.
3. Use the safety pin to pin the knot to a heavy object. (I used my heavy purse that holds all my scrapbook paper).
4. Next attach the other end of each yarn to the braid maker. You do this by pushing up on the back of each prong to open the metal hook. Put the yarn in the hook, then let the hook spring back down to hold the yarn in place.
5. Now, pull the yarn taught and push up on the button toward the #1. Do this for a long time to make the rope be tight and really twisted when it is finished. 
 NOTE: For this part you want the yarns to spin individually, NOT TWIST TOGETHER. If the yarn is twisting together run your fingers along while you spin so they don't twist.

6. Keep the yarn taught, and now push the button down toward the #2.  Do this for as long as it takes to get the rope to look the way you want.  
Note: If the yarn is twisting too much at one end, gently pinch the rope while you spin and guide the tighter part up to the other end till it is evenly twisted.

7. Lastly, pinch the part of the rope that is closest to the braid machine, take the yarn out of the machine, and tie a knot.


Delia said…
This is so cool Lorajean!
What a fun idea! (Now I just need to find a hair-braiding tool....)

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