Monday, October 31, 2011

knight costume

I finished the knight costume and I have to say it turned out awesome!! Alex loves it! I cut the tunic out of fleece and did a freezer paper stencil of a similar dragon to the one they have in the Narnia movies. I used masking tape as a stencil for the gold border. As you already know I crocheted the "chain-mail" hood & you can find the pattern I made right here. Later I crocheted tubes so he could have chain-mail on his arms also. After seeing this tutorial, I made craft foam armor for his arms, legs, and shoulders. I used silver spray paint but probably would use regular craft paint next time because the spray paint rubs off easily. He absolutely loves it, can you tell? :)


Marina said...

Ongeloofelijk mooi!

SKA said...

That is insanely awesome! I love how the chain-mail is crocheted! so cool!

Gingham Skies said...

Incredible! I am pinning this and hoping a friend who crochets might whip this up for my knight obsessed 2.5 year old.

Larry Burns said...

If you cover the foam with diluted white glue it wont rub off as easy

Anonymous said...

I'm completely not crafty. .. could you tell me where you got the foam armor and pointers on how to make it?

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