thinking about valentines

I figure now is a good time to start thinking about Valentines Day. I am not really sure what I am going to do this year though. I don't want to decorate yet but I should start thinking of what I want to do for the kid's class valentines. As many of you know we home-school, so by "class" I mean Sunday school class.
Above is a photo I took last year when we made cute heart shaped sugar cookies. They were super yummy!
Honestly though, I am not really feeling the love for Valentines this year. Probably because last year we had a Valentines tree and decorations up right after New Years and I started hating the holiday since it was up for so long. This year we didn't do a Valentines tree and its nice because the house feels clean and organized. :) Sorry, I don't mean to sound like I'm hating on Valentines I really love it I am just not ready to go full force filling my house with cupids and glittered hearts. I think minimalism is my Valentines motto this year. You know the 'less is more" route.

If you want to see what we have done for Valentines crafts and decorating in the past click here. :)


Gemma said…
Ooooh - What a lovely idea :D

I'm a teacher and I have a group of mixed age pupis on Thursday for a one hour food Technology lesson.... I think I may get them to do something like this.

Thanks for sharing
mer said…
I hear you LJ. I'm starting to get anti holiday trees for anything other than Christmas. I like Christmas being the only special holiday with a tree. I also like hearts all year round (hints my Lovely Love) and that just proves that you can embrace the holiday if love with class. You always do a great job.

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