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 I have been spoiled lately and have to share the loveliness with you all. My sister Merrilee made me this adorable baby quilt, similar to this one she made last year for our nice, but instead of sewing a herringbone pattern she did a zigzag pattern for the quilting. I love it so much! To me hand made gifts are some of the most touching and memorable. I have received quite a few handmade baby quilts throughout motherhood.
 I come from a crafty family so you an imagine how many baby blankets, quilts, and afghans the four of them have all together. I honestly cherish all of them though! As do my children, they sleep with each one.

 Another thoughtful gift I received recently was a pretty blue circle skirt made by Dana Willard! I was so surprised when she sent me an email asking me for my address. I later received a lovely little package with a cute card and everything! She is such a sweet blog friend and I hope to meet her in person some day so I can give her a huge hug! Thanks Dana! :)

With home school, baby laundry, and two kids in diapers, it makes even finding time to make dinner hard, so blogging has slowed . But you needn't fear, I am still creating and crafting I just need to make time for taking nice photos and sitting at the computer. My sisters and mom came to see me and threw me a cute little shower. I am getting that post ready so check back soon .Our life is full these days, mostly full of love from family, and love for our sweet little Evangeline!


Such sweet gifts! That blanket is just gorgeous!

I've been receiving some sweet baby gifts lately for our little man and I love that each gift has a story or the heart of a dear friend attached. So special!
Anonymous said…
evangaline is the most apt name to the gorgeous little baby!!! Sher is beautiful. The gifts look fab too!

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