Morgan, a new papier mache witch sculpture

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Witches aren't just for fall :) Sometimes  Halloween is for all year. What are your thoughts are you a Halloween fan? I cant say enough how much fun  it has been getting back into sculpting again. Paper mache is so much a part of my artistic outlet.

I never thought that having no artistic outlet would hurt me, but I have had time where I was emotionally suffering because I didn't have a voice or a vehicle to express myself. I am so glad to be at it again.  :) Also it is totally OK to let yourself take a break when you need one, sometimes you need different outlets and different times. but never rob yourself of an outlet you are craving. There is time, there are so many ways to create, just go out and do it! :)
Have you ever taken a break from your art or outlet, and ended up right back again because it was an innate part of you? let me know in the comments.
If you want to see whats available you can visit my Etsy shop by clicking HERE. :)


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