"new" furniture + sleeping children = redecorating the living room and eating truffles

MMMMMMmmmmmm Chocolate truffles! Last night Trent and I made chocolate truffles from scratch. They are so yummy! I found the recipe video once while browsing around at food.about.com
Here is how the night played out.While at the thrift store yesterday we saw one of the employees wheeling in a couch set that was in really nice condition. We nabbed them before they even finished putting them on the floor. The other customers weren't so happy about that. I could see people eying them while we were figuring out how to get them home. once we got them into the house we noticed the walls were bare and it led to a night filled with fun.
The kids went to bed on time so we sat down feeling bored and wondering what to do with ourselves. We wanted some sort of dessert and decided chocolate truffles would be good. While the chocolate ganache was in the freezer chilling we decided to rearrange the "new" furniture and figure out the best places for them to go. After we found the best places for both couches we played around with the walls. Moving the wreath and paintings around. we ended up with a pretty arrangement I had been wishing and dreaming up for a long time. I absolutely love it! I feel like we've moved up a class now that our furniture doesn't look like a tiger took a bite out of the cushion.

Here are some images I have collected of ways to hang small paintings and photos. (sorry I don't have any links to the sources, I saved these a while ago and didn't think to save the source address)

Here is our little wall arrangement.

Trent was really excited to have my art being showcased in our home now too. Before, it was only his art on the walls.
Surprisingly, one of my favorite parts of the wall arrangement ended up being the spontaneous idea we had to hang the set of antique keys and the over sized wrought iron key in there with everything else.

Of course I had to play around with arranging little groupings like this glass bottle and vase next to the glass lamp. Note the cute valentine my mother made for me. :) I love it.

And lastly there are the glitter L-O-V-E letters I just hung up. I love how they echo the silver pot the tree is in. And that concludes the events that took place yesterday.
Today, on the other hand, we are having an icky day. Trent is feeling dizzy and nauseated, and "Buddy Boy" hasn't been able to keep anything down. It feels like a thanksgiving sequel. (some of us will never forget that family get together. Almost everyone in the family threw up at least once) Sorry, that may have been too much information. I was just explaining for those who did not attend. Needless to say we are not attending church today. I couldn't leave "Buddy Boy" sick at home with Trent not feeling well also. And I definitely couldn't stay home and send a sickly Trent to church with our daughter. So here we are, and all of us still in our PJ's at 12 noon. Watching church movies and reading scriptures to keep the day spiritual. I really hate missing church, and I always look forward to the moral uplift it provides. I greatly anticipate next Sunday when we are all well and at church again.
Thanks for listening and sorry this ended up being so long. But I really enjoyed writing it.
I hope you all enjoyed reading this little story, I plan on posting fun stuff like this more often in the future.