ready for a change

Today I'm going to be a little bit of a wicked blogger and post these above photos without giving source links because frankly I don't know where they came from. When I saved them I didn't think I would be posting them here. But aren't they so lovely? I want to redo my bed room and dining room! What a silly thing to say nearing the end of this remodel, but it's true, I am so ready for a change! Trent and I have noticed that for the first part of our marriage we moved every six months, then after we bought this house we did a major remodel every six months. Its been a while--probably a year--since we have done any major changes. I did go through a phase where I was sad about selling this house, but honestly I am ready for another project--another creative challenge! Isn't that weird? Are we the only people who make a crappy house into the ideal home only to be hungry for another crappy house? OK probably. :) We get so much gratification out of creating; and now that we're nearing the end, we are ready for more! Bring it on, old ugly houses! We are ready! Here are some photos of homes we are looking at... I know they are a bit on the ugly side, but they're a dream come true for me and my husband.


Have a great day! Mine was filled with home tours! Yippee. (Now we just need one of them to make a good offer!)