This is a documentation of the first quiche I've ever made.
quiche prep

First I had a passion for photography, then came a passion for photographing food, and then a passion for cooking! Ha! Funny story right?! I have always hated cooking! I usually wait till my husband cooks out of necessity because, well, we have to eat. OK, so, I'm not really that bad, but I have done that kind of thing a few times. Now, all I can think about is the pretty things I can cook so I can take photos of them! Ha ha!

Another reason I baked Quiche today is because I just bought this pretty rectangular baking dish for $1 at the thrift store! I am always at the local thrift stores, looking for my next favorite thing. I never know what it is till I see it, though. (Maybe I should start a thrift store addicts anonymous group! Ha, ha! I bet a lot of my friends and sisters would have to come, too! My mom for sure would have to come; she's the one who taught me that if it's not a really great deal I can live without it.) I have to say that I am not one of those people who stands in line waiting for the doors to open first thing in the morning,
though. I'm not that bad. :)


Love the pictures! Quiche is just so yummy!
mer said…
gorgeous photos LJ!! and I want a bite!
Yviemarie said…
I've never seen quiche made with filo/puff pastry before! I bet it was really crispy, may have to give that one a go xx
Shana B said…
LOL!! Love the story...I am the same way when my husband is off of work! Great Blog BTW!!!

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