Independence Day Luau

Hawaiian haystacks
Every year my family gets together for the 4th of July. Our mother chooses a theme and creates a party to remember! Last year we had a tea party theme and the year before that was a cowboy theme, and the list goes on. The photo above shows a plate full of what we call Hawaiian Haystacks. It is made by topping pineapple, green onions, tomatoes, coconut, chow mien noodles, cheese, chicken, and creme of chicken gravy on white rice. YUM! We are always impressed at how well our mother can throw a good party. There are always fun activity's and great food. Now you know where my sisters and I get our passion for party planing! Here, here, here, here, and here are just a few party's my sisters have planed.

My mother handmade the surf boards and attached grass skirts onto handmade tables to create this beautiful scene. We took photos in front of the surf boards and when we were done she put them on top of straw bales for extra seating. Genius!

solar s'mores
Another fun thing my mom did was make solar ovens to cook s'mores! The tinfoil reflects the suns heat into the box lined with black paper. Apparently she has cooked cookies this way as well! Below is a tutorial for how to make a solar oven from a pizza box. I found it on Youtube for you.:)

What a fun party! Can't wait till next year! (I hear it is a pirate theme! ARR!)


Shelayna said…
How Fun! I love the grass skirts on the tables! What a great idea!
oneordinaryday said…
Oh my gosh, these are great ideas. Your mom is awesome! : ) Love cooking the s'mores in a solar oven!
Jenn Kirk said…
Solar smores! That is so unbelievably cool!