Free Halloween challenge

I recently went to my local craft stores and was upset at the cost of all the cute Halloween crafts there. I love Free things, as many of you do I'm sure, so I have decided to Free Halloween! By that I mean I intend to give free downloads and tutorials to you!
I want to challenge other bloggers to do the same and together we can FREE Halloween from its expensive and overpriced existence and give it new life, a free life here on our blogs! :)

Throughout the first week of October I will be posting different free downloads and tutorials. If you are interested in participating please let me know. Also, if you would put one of these buttons on your blog linking back to me that would be great. :)

button blog

button blog

button blog


Kellie Collis said…
That is a really wonderful idea for Halloween! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx
Delia said…
I forgot to ask you in the email, but how free does it have to be? Can it use things that many people have on hand like black paint, glue, etc.?
Lorajean said…
Delia, You can totally use those things! The point with the tutorials was that the inspiration and the ideas were free! Low cost or free crafts are great too but the total cost is not a big deal.
mentinfusion said… Is this what you ment by linking it back?! it sounds really fun and i'd love to do this mini tutorial of yours! Wishing you and your family all the best!
Lorajean said…
Mentinfusion, thanks for your interest in the Halloween challenge. If you want to share your free Halloween tutorial or printable, all you need to do is link back to me when you post a tutorial or a free printable. this way others who see your post can come here and see all the other posts. If you want to post links to me just to share the fun with others I would love that too. :)
Holly Hox said…
I was so excited when I heard about this contest -- Halloween and Autumn are really the best. Here is my contribution:

Happy Halloween!
Unknown said…
Thoughtful suggestions , BTW , if others requires to merge PDF or PNG files , I used a service here

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