antique babies

Every year my husband Trent has a Christmas gift theme. Last year was "cooking" and he got me recipe books and cooking gadgets. This years' theme was "vintage".
He got me two beautiful antique dolls.
The small one is from the 1930's (?) and the bigger one is from the 1920's.

About a week before Christmas I got on Etsy to look for a vintage doll for my daughter and found some of the most beautiful composition baby dolls. I was about to buy this one for myself. ( I still might.) Trent noticed me swooning and sighing whenever I saw one. He convinced me not to buy any of them though.  He later sneaked out to the local antique store and bought these two lovelies for me, and I remained clueless the whole time ;) Both my dolls are made out of composition, which is super awesome. 
The bigger one cries when you lean it forward and closes it's eyes when you lean it back. All this time when I would look at this exact doll at the antique store I never picked it up, and on Christmas morning when I leaned it forward I almost died from adorable overload when it cried out!  I can't believe it's mine!
They're soooo sweet and I love them so much. Thanks honey!