Your mothers dress

{ just not the way she'd wear it }

I just got back from another awesome trip to visit family in Colorado. While I was there I was in awe every time my little sister dressed for school. One day she even wore a retro prom dress with a cute floral cardigan on top. I keep telling her to start a blog with photos of all the clothes she wears. But my little sis lives her life "unplugged". As opposed to your everyday modern 15 year old, my sister has no cell phone and almost never checks her email or Facebook. I admire this about her. I took photos of a few of her outfits to post here on my blog. Maybe I'll make a kind of mini series. We thought the title was appropriate since the dress actually is our moms.
Here is what it looked like "in the raw".
& here is what it looked like after she styled it.
NOTE: no sewing was involved!
Here are the 2 EASY steps to get this look
  1. cinch the sleeves up with safety pins
  2. belt it
Seriously that's all! :) Because the dress was so big it looked so pretty and gathered when she belted it. Cinched sleeves are so in right now too. It is weird seeing calico dresses come back. I love them though!

Peek over here to see what i really want to win!


Amy said…
I love this look! What a great idea!
kate said…
I love that Idea!! It makes me want to head over to the DI and rumage through all the dresses!!
Jenn Kirk said…
So clever with the sleeves. I would've never thought of that. It looks really cute!
The Miz said…
What a clever girl! Lovely, and so creative!
Samantha said…
I just LOVE this look! I would never have come up with that styling for the dress...
Danielle Combs said…
How adorable is your sister?! Cuteness must run in your family. :)
dana said…
you are gorgeous. fabulous dress!

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