origami boxes with wallpaper?

No really, I folded these boxes out of old wallpaper I got at the thrift store! Want to make these too? Check out my tutorial video here.
Since I used the entire width of the roll these boxes ended up pretty big.
I think they're about 8in x 8in.

I originally bought the wallpaper to be wrapping paper. I was staring at the roll wishing I had boxes to wrap and that's when I realized that the wallpaper was thick enough to make origami boxes! {Bonus! These wallpaper rolls come with way more paper than wrapping paper rolls do!}
I put little dividers inside to separate the chocolate nest treats I made for Easter. Maybe I'll put home made peeps in another box. You could use these boxes for cupcakes as well since they're tall enough. The possibilities are endless really.
As you can see from all the photos, I had a lot of fun decorating them too. I think I am in love with packaging and wrapping! (And, I'm more than a little obsessed with origami boxes!)
Happy Easter everyone!


mer said…
um...ok totally jealous that you found those wallpaper rolls at a thrift store! I'm so getting one of those boxes full of Easter nests in the mail, right? :)
Melissa said…
Uh- Can I just tell you that I adore you! I collect vintage wallpaper and have always used them as wrapping paper, and for projects. . . but THIS just takes it to another level. Amazing. I'm totally going to try this out.

Your pictures are wonderful! Who wouldn't feel special getting such a beautifully wrapped treat?
moi said…
You are so talented and creative. Only you would know what to do with a few rolls of wallpaper! The nests turned out pretty this year. Did you try any peeps?
Anonymous said…
Those are beautiful!! You are so creative! What a lovely place to store hidden treasures!
Gorgeous. What a find - the colors and patterns look great together! These are beautifully styled, too. You can tell you had fun with this!

its simple love said…
I LOVE your blog and I adore this creative craft out of old vintage wall paper. Very impressive.

Citra said…
That's really grown up gifts
I would love to accept one XO
oh, I forget to say HI !!
Hi Lorajean, may I feature your craft in my blog, please.. cause I did :)
please visit here :
Aurora said…
Thanks for showing me how to make these! Adorable, as is everything you do :)
Sara said…
These are wonderful. I am in the throes of getting ready for christmas (rather early) and after making lots of jewellry for gifts these boxes will be the perfect finishing touch! Yay to you :-)


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